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GWN-DTM is an ideal application for large scale earthwork projects, such as design of dams, lagoons, settling ponds, land fills or roads. With its capacity to process over 4,000,000 points in a single file expediently and without bogging down the computer, it is no wonder GWN-DTM has been chosen by leading civil engineering and mapping companies to complete the most demanding tasks. Examples of successful application of GWN-DTM include the design of the Three Gorges Dam in China, dyke design and seabed mapping in the Netherlands, design and earthworks calculations at the Chep Lap Kok airport in Hong Kong and wetland conservation projects by Ducks Unlimited both in USA and Canada.

GWN-DTM's ability to substitute elevation for another measurement makes the product easily adaptable to uses beyond the normal range of terrain modeling software. For example, GWN-DTM is being used to generate chemical concentration maps to examine underground pollution.

The first class visualization tools of GWN-DTM allow users to quickly analyze surfaces and evaluate cut and fill requirements. The results can easily be displayed and used to design winning presentations. GWN-DTM also accepts feature codes from survey reports, which can be used to quickly identify and analyze elements.

By using GWN-DTM's batch processing mode, large files can be downloaded and processed off-line without tying up valuable computer resources. GWN-DTM's minimal requirements for computer memory combined with its other qualities, make this product capable of handling even the biggest projects.

GWN-DTM offers a clear advantage to the demanding user. The many features, which set GWN-DTM apart from competition, include:


Use of unlimited number of points
Feature maintenance
Substitute elevation for another measurement
Terrain model visualization tools
Overlay grid generation
Volumetrics accuracy
Grid volumetrics
Data storage
Batch processing
Minimal hardware requirements
Multiple CAD platform availability

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Unlimited number of points

GWN-DTM's unique GIS Quadcell approach enables the software to process an unlimited number of points in a single pass. There is no need to break data into smaller sections, yet the results can be obtained fast in even the biggest projects. GWN-DTM has been proven to handle over 4,000,000 data points efficiently.

Feature maintenance

Feature codes included in survey reports can be imported into GWN-DTM and assigned specific features, either colours or layers. This enables users to turn on and off specific features in order to identify and analyze them.

Substitute elevation for another measurement

GWN-DTM can generate surfaces based on other measurements than elevation, such as chemical concentration. This allows users to create concentration maps that aid in evaluation of, e.g. land fills, buried chemical leakage or toxic spills.

Terrain model visualization

GWN-DTM includes a number of visualization tools, which assist in analyzing data and preparation of presentation. The tools include:

Import contours based on elevation range, where a different attribute (colour, layer) can be assigned to each elevation
Import terrain model by elevation band, where triangles are used rather than contours. If elevation line crosses a triangle, GWN-DTM will automatically adjust triangles.
Import terrain model by polygon, which can be used to group multiple items in a terrain model, such as original ground, road or pad.
Skirt terrain model, which enables visualization of the terrain model as 3D.

Overlay grid

GWN-DTM can generate overlay grids based on user defined grid intervals and grid rotations. The elevation of the individual grid points is obtained from the terrain model and can be written to the file using one of three options: use ttm elevation, use ttm elevation + value or use ttm elevation - value. This option can be used to create an overlay grid offset from the terrain model.

GWN-DTM offers a number of methods for overlay grid output: grid point, east-west lines, north-south lines or user defined polygons.

Volumetrics accuracy

To ensure the highest degree of accuracy when performing volume calculations between surfaces, GWN-DTM requires users to define a polygon that encloses the area of interest. Using this method ensures no points outside the specified area will be included in the calculations causing errors.

GWN-DTM also provides checking tools, which enable users to verify the accuracy of calculations. For example, using Contour Isopach TTM areas being changed (cut and fill) can be visually inspected to ensure correctness.

Grid volumetrics

GWN-DTM's grid method of computing volumes enables the software to create grid nodes, which can then be imported with different options: grid point; original, proposed and design elevations; cut/fill or no cut/fill volume. Users have full control of assigning attributes (colour/layer) to the grid nodes for easier visualization of different areas.

Data storage

GWN-DTM stores data in project files, which makes it easier to locate and use the files. GWN-DTM files can be easily shared between personnel over a network setting or can be passed on to staff or clients.

Batch processing

With GWN-DTM's batch processing option, downloading and processing of large data files can be done off-line, for example overnight.

Memory requirements

GWN-DTM requires minimal amount of memory: 4 Mb. This gives the product its robust character allowing it to process any project no matter how big.

Multiple CAD

GWN-DTM is available on both AutoCAD and MicroStation CAD platforms. The powerful integrated features of GWN-DTM are equally shared between these two systems.

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