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GWN-DTM -- Digital Terrain Modeling and Contour Mapping. GWN-DTM is powerful digital terrain modeling package ideal for even the biggest civil engineering projects. With GWN-DTM users can easily do contours or design dams, lagoons, settling ponds, landfills, roads – practically anything on the earth’s surface. GWN-DTM’s unique GIS Quadcell approach allows for use and manipulation of unlimited number of points – current projects include over 4,000,000 points– in a single file effortlessly and expediently.

GWN-SURF -- Surface Modeling, Mapping & Design. GWN-SURF is a world class surface modeling package, with advanced contouring, profiling and slope analysis capabilities. GWN-SURF can be used to visualize terrain models in dynamic 3D or 2D format, including vertical exaggeration scaling for better differentiation. It also provides powerful features for volume calculations and slope and drainage area analysis.

GWN-COGO -- Coordinate Geometry. GWN-COGO is a comprehensive tool for surveying, mapping and subdivision design. The exceptional data integrity of GWN-COGO ensures the total quality of projects, while its flexible features make it highly adaptable to user needs. GWN-COGO can also be linked directly to commercial databases enabling easy transition into GIS.

GWN-GISCAD -- GWN-GISCAD is a GIS/AM/FM based application for easy integration with CAMA, Telecom and power facilities management system. This application is currently being tested in South America and S.E. Asia. It is based on two modules, first is GWN-SHPCAD, and the second is GWN-TOPO.  See below for details on each module.

GWN-SHPCAD -- Allows users to import and query existing shape files including the database attribute information.  It also allows users to create shape files from AutoCAD drawings.  In addition it has a powerful label correlation feature that allows users to tag text labels to shape objects like parcel identification numbers. 

GWN-TOPO -- It is a data cleaning and topology building application that allows users to create closed polygons from digitized CAD drawings.  It allows users to easily flag and correct entities being claened.  This powerful topology tool has been ported from core enterprise based applications.

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