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At GWN Technologies we provide consulting services in numerous areas including:

CAD software customization
Design services
Software development
Project management
Civil/AM/FM/GIS consulting
Group engineering design build (EPC)

To address the needs of companies and organizations today and tomorrow and to provide them a full scope of CAD and professional services, GWN has a Consulting and Services Division. This division offers a comprehensive range of services, from setup and training to development of application projects, including GIS and facilities management, and software customization. It is the mandate of our Consulting and Services Division to find the right solutions based on the client's needs - solutions that improve project performance and increase efficiency.

GWN's Consulting and Services Division has over 50 man years of experience in CAD based software development and customization, engineering and GIS. They offer a comprehensive range of services that enable your company to optimize your CAD resources and achieve maximum effeciency.

Our personnel has the knowledge and training to scan the whole industry to find the options that work best for each customer. This includes applications based on CAD and standalone systems working on PCs and workstations, as well as the integrating of a variety of third party software.

The Consulting and Services Division supports GWN's clients, distributors and VARs further by undertaking AM/FM/GIS projects with them. GWN can participate as a specialist, sub-consultant, or take a lead role in the project. This approach gives our partners more flexibility and resources to win and complete projects and gives them an added edge against competition.

GWN Technologies Inc. was one of the first registered developers with Autodesk to write sophisticated AEC applications on top of AutoCAD, starting in 1986. Overall, GWN was the 13th developer among the now over 2000 AutoCAD developers.

GWN Technologies was strongly encouraged by Intergraph Canada to develop applications for their workstations in 1987. In addition, GWN was one of the first North American developers to actively market MicroStation applications internationally.